Anon admin

Very first Administrator of this community, anonymous by definition. The entire fan community somehow is hidden behind his generic title.

Anon nkanter

Community founder. Suicide runner, blind sniper.

Anon Laky

Blogger, social media manager, content writer, copywriter

Anon Blackwine

COG and alchoolist anonymous. With his drunk crazyness has inspired the name of COG Anon with an hilarious sentence during a deep blue gaming night. He will find and rob every ammunition on the widest battlefield just before anyone other could only see them. He has a private army of child soldiers that he usually adopts as secret weapon.

Anon Goldzero

Head of public relations and event community manager

Anon WalkdPsyko

Somehow living in his glorious memories, he always complains himself about the lost of his incredible skill and capabilities of a time. Chainsaw and 2pieces master, while he might be easy to shoot at, it's higly suggested not to stay too close to him.

Thomas Lui

Community official photographer

Anon DarkFury

A new young and proud member of C.O.G. Anonymous.

Anon Kubnator

Ashes to ashes, blood to blade, shot to sh*t. No think, no feel, just do it.

Anon Redmorning

Mad mad guy in a mad mad world. He will always put some strategy in every multiplayer scenario so that the entire group will be doomed to a slow suicide with a vision of a rainbow lancer as last memory. Anon Redmorning can play with only one hand rolling a joint with the other.

Anon Demonic

The Devil's Rejects Team Member...Born and raised in East Brooklyn,NY but Residing in Tampa,FL. A gears "VETERAN" who is proficient at what he does. I've been playing gears for 9 yrs and 2 months and can tell you that gears is in its own competitive category and gears 1 will always be number 1 in my book. SMH i remember being to broke to afford a capture card so i strapped a camcorder to my head so i can record and share my skills as well as showing that i will stay determined and fight to be known in the gears community, regardless of what i didn't possess. its been a long journey and I am finally home where i belong among my fellow Gears brothers and sisters!! but the journey isn't over...


The Devil's Rejects Team Leader