The Devil’s Rejects: Anon Demonic int...

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When did you run into Gears Of War and why you liked it more than other games? At gamestops midnight release on Nov.6,2007 will never

The Devil’s Rejects: FlamePrincess69 ...

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As anticipated when presenting The Devil’s Rejects and its members we would like to know more about each of them. We start with the team Captain, FlamePrincess69.

Geek and Gamer Gurlz

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Good article form Cliff Bleszinski.. yeah, they do exist, and we are glad of this. So this article came up today. http://www.buzzfeed.com/katieheaney/how-should-a-gamer-girl-be The “GURL GAMER” debate


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This cute chick knows her business, she is able to mantain the positions even alone, building her own base complete of defenses, looking after your

GCON Women’s Championship Announced

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Nice initiative that we can’t fail to mention comes from GCON that has organized a championship all dedicated to pink fighters, sluts and princess out

Gears of War 3: Coco With A Lancer

Jan 25, 20131 Comment

This is why you should keep your chainsaw well-oiled…