COG Anonymous is a community dedicated to everything concerns Gears of War® for XBOX 360® (and also for XBOX One® in the next feature, thanks to Microsoft® and Black Tusk Studios®). For “community” we mean a group of people with a great passion (or two) in common. We mean certainly gamers who play regularly and geeks with a wide approach to digital technologies.

The name of the community is a direct reference to the Coalition of Ordered Governments as much as to the Anonymous network. The logo itself has been created keeping in mind the two references, in a deep respect of both of them.

We appreciate so much the game and we appreciate as well the ones who stand in defense of freedom, freedom of speech, gender equality and social rights of all citizen (with minorities at first place).

This blog itself publishes sometimes issues that are sexy and ironic at the same time, following those principles of freedom of expression and post-feminism that promote a completely emancipated female figure. We count between us female gamers who love to make some humor upon sex & games, just like any other guy (knowing that sex should be a game as well). For the previous reasons we will not tolerate any sexist behavior by readers or community members.

Who we are? Not everyone here is really “anonymous”, in fact you can find some member in the Author page. The most of us is currently based in Europe but, coherently with the nature of a digital community, we would like to have soon members in America (USA and South America) and Asia. We hope you could find enough good reasons to JOIN the network)

What we do? We currently share informations on the game mirroring the most interesting posts from other sites and writing articles on our own. We promote events like tournaments, we host giveaways, make videos and commentaries. We play in tournaments organized by other communities.


Hackers, crackers, members of the respectable Anonymous network, associate with Microsoft® or Black Tusk Studios®.

We are not a clan, or we are not just that. Most of the community members use the prefix “Anon” on their GT because the play together on a daily basis and because they play competitive on international tournaments. Everyone can join the community to become a contributor, an author, a competitive player or everything else maintaining his/her gamer tag. Even entire clans can JOIN the community maintaining their gamer tag in order to play competitive while posting their own news.

This community has the sole purpose to give fun and contribute to the growth of the Gears of War worldwide family.