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Gears 5 Launch Roadmap

June 11, 2019


Today is just the beginning of a long conversation about Gears 5 that takes us from today right through to launch on September 10th. This month is all about Escape and Map Builder


Desert Armored Fahz and a Swarm Grenadier are locked in battle in a dark courtyard. Sparks fly off Fahz’s Lancer chainsaw as the metal strikes against the Grenadier’s Claw Rifle, as the two battle to dominate the King of the Hill ring. Behind, Desert Armored Del fire has frozen a Swarm Drone into a solid chunk of ice with his Cryo Cannon. While a COG Soldier runs up behind the frozen enemy swinging a Breaker above his head about to smash him to pieces.

Gears 5 Versus will debut with a bang with ELEAGUE, culminating with the ELEAGUE Summer Series Live Tournament on July 13-14 where 8 of the world’s top Gears teams will face off in an epic showdown in the first Gears 5 tournament EVER.

Versus mode will also be playable in July during the Gears 5 Tech Test. Join us to be one of the first to play the all-new competitive game type Arcade – a frenetic experience built for jump-in, over-the-top fun – and more!

Access to the Gears 5 Tech Test is included with Xbox Game Pass or by pre-ordering at participating retailers, including the Microsoft Store.


Armored JD, his injured right arm visible, is standing pointing the Lancer GL laser at a massive Carrier in mid-roar. To his right, Armored Kait is crouched, holding the Talon AutoPistol in her right hand. She is ready to jump the concrete and electric fortifications they’ve built around them. In the foreground, a Juvie is about to breach their fortifications. His arms outstretched in mid-scream. Behind a helmeted Warden walks forward wielding dual Breakers, as more enemy Swarm Horde rush towards our heroes. Bringing up the rear is a giant Snatcher creature, its tail curled and ready to fire it’s quills.

Horde mode will return in August with a hands-on gameplay debut at gamescom, featuring new character abilities that can turn the tide of the battle.


The Skiff stands still atop a red sand dune, the sail aloft in the wind. Desert Armored Kait stands looking out over the horizon. Her left hand holds on to the side of the Skiff and in her right she holds a pistol. Desert Armored Del sits in the Skiff’s driver seat. Jack hovers in the foreground.

Play the Gears 5 Campaign beginning September 6 through Early Access. 

With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discover the true danger to Sera – herself. 

This is the biggest Gears campaign ever and the first to feature three-player split-screen campaign co-op


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