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March 3, 2022

It happens from time to time that reality violently bursts into our small daily comfort-zones, among which we include Gears Of War. With the title of this post, a quote from the so famous (and equally unfortunate) line from the latest Star Wars sequels, after a long time we break the silence to join our voice to the chorus of absolute condemnation for the act of violent and unjustified aggression to a free and democratic country like Ukraine.

After amassing troops on the borders, on February 24, the Union of Independent Republics Russian Confederation launched a large-scale military attack, giving way to the invasion plan by air, sea and land. The UIR Infantry Russian troops stormed both military and civilian targets, causing painful human loss, destruction and famine.

“Don’t worry. Once this war is over, we can go back to trying to kill each other. Like normal people.”

Major Garron Paduk

The Causes

The Russian hierarchs claim to have intervened in the interest of a Russian-speaking minority in the separatist area of Donbass. The lies of the propaganda, however, are contradicted by the Russian government itself, at least for two elements:

  1. the Donbass areas were not claimed at the first negotiating table, but Crimea was claimed instead, representing a strategic area. But hadn’t the special military operation begun to save the already officially recognized self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic?
  2. an error in the early publication of an article celebrating the Russian victory revealed the real reasons for the invasion, that is to restore the Soviet bloc, reconstituting the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as an opposition to the Western democracies

Nuclear threat

Russian dictator Putin and his oligarchs have threatened for the first time in history, and in an irresponsible as well as unreasonable way, the use of atomic weapons in their possession, for the purpose of deterrence, effectively paralyzing the military response of the Coalition NATO.

This orrific threat should not preclude however the use of conventional weapons by defenders of democracy, because this kind of deterrent could be easily used in any other campaing of invasion in the next future. Russian establishment should also remember that western countries are equally equipped, even with larger nuclear arsenals as a whole than those in the possession of UIR Russian Army.

  1. February, 12nd : Lavrov also accused the US of a “propaganda campaign” about possible Russian aggression.
  2. February, 24th : Russia invaded Ukraine
  3. March, 3rd : Lavrov accused the West of fixating on his threats of nuclear warfare
  4. ?

A scenario involving the use weapons of mass destruction by both parties is terrifying, and it would be a tragedy for everyone, especially for the Russian territory that would be completely wiped out from the maps of the next centuries. A political leader should be wiser and should really act solely for the the good of the people.


In every situation where serious violation of freedom is happening and human rights are endangered, the Anonymous collective launched the largest campaign of cyber attacks ever, achieving important results both in terms of defacement and in the leaking of confidential data as well.

Once again we are glad to have called this blog with their name, in honor of their non-violent methods and in permanent full agreement with the principles they defend.

We thank that worldwide network for its concrete commitment to defend the oppressed.

To the People

A bunch of warmongers has recently brought back the world of 80 years. We shall face this situation remembering that Russian people, when properly informed, isn’t supporting this invasion that appears only to be driven by the will of power of an old soviet employee.

A total 35 countries abstained on the resolution during U.N. General Assembly against this imperialistic war, between them important countries like China, India and Pakistan that make together over 3 billion inhabitants. This is sad.

In China an overwhelming flood of hate against the victims of the invasion forced the government censorship to remove thousands of messages from the main Chinese social platforms. This always remembers us how important is freedom and how luck the citizens of any democracy are for being able to access a free press, in order to build informed and truthful opinions.

In Honor of Those Who Served. To all those we lost during the Pendulum Wars, may they rest in peace, and know always that their brave sacrifices were not in vain. Never shall they be forgotten.

Landown Memorial, NEAR JACINTO

To our Ukrainian brothers we say instead: you have taught the whole world what courage, self-denial and sacrifice mean while defending freedom along with your families. Stay strong, you already have your place in the (right) side of history.

Brothers till the end.

Very first Administrator of this community, anonymous by definition. The entire fan community somehow is hidden behind his generic title.


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