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Unconditional Love – A flyer reinvented

January 25, 2016


Since the founding of this community we have thought several times about “who” we would have really liked to deal with and to get on board.. I mean , bloggers, pro/hard-core/causal gamers, fans of the franchise and so on..

Each profile can bring a value to the community and it could be hard to define a balance between what you should increase in order to get the things going in the direction we want.

At least, since always, we definitely know for sure that for contributing on these pages only one thing is really required.

We call it an Unconditional Love” for Gears Of War.

This concept has been reported on a flyer we printed two years ago, in thousands of copies (10K till now). We thought about how to print a flyer that wasn’t made just to be thrown immediately in the trash after reading.. so we came up with these considerations:

  • it should have explained that we are constantly looking for true Gears Of War addicts, regardless of their profile. We explained that concept using the self-explanatory words “Unconditional Love”.
  • we should have linked the previous concept to something that is considered really “vital” in human life. We noticed during the gameplay an image that fitted the bill perfectly.. the big poster which is plastered all over the famous map “Blood Drive“.
  • the flyer shouldn’t be intended only to deliver some informations, so that to be read and thrown away shortly after. We logically divided the two faces, one for the informations about the community and the other left completely untouched, the perfect copy of the one that appears within the game graphics. We like the idea that someone could hang it like a poster in his bedroom, near the gamer station or even in the bathroom.
  • in order to be “used” other than read, we should have chosen specific physical characteristics like the paper consistency. We decided for a really heavyweight paper, like thick cardstock.

We hope with this kind of flyer to have reached at least some of the objectives listed above.. it will be distributed during every event promoted by COG Anonymous and it will come with the packaging of the clothing that will be soon available for sale in the e-shop.


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