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Fifty Waves of Grey

February 28, 2015

Everyone live in their own times and so we do. Sometimes happens that you must deal with some literature we could do without.

How not to mention one of the most recent erotic best-seller that has invaded our magazines and tv show without any specific reason.

For sure it’s not a shame to avoid reading that book. On the contrary, following the path of the Seven Deadly Sins, we are going to suggest our 7 reasons why Gears of War is just better than the crappy novel:

  1. You can play a Domination game even alone
  2. You can subdue several people at a time without moving a finger. Or to better say moving *only* your fingers
  3. You will find yourself to trash-talk without someone asking for it
  4. You play with a wireless controller so you aren’t required to learn roping techniques
  5. You don’t have to be tied up to stand still on the bed for receiving and giving painful pleasure
  6. No safe-word could ever stop your sadism, even if you are going to use a chainsaw
  7. You don’t have to sign a mutual agreement to start your play session

..and besides that, remember that in this case the game doesn’t get easier if your partner is blindfolded 😉

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