Gears soundtracks no longer available on Apple Music and Spotify

February 20, 2019

Lots of new stuff is coming out this year and some other seems destined to be wiped out from the Gears universe.

Just like what recently happened with Tomorrow trailer, we have recently noticed that since 2/3 weeks al the Gears of War soundtracks seem to have been completely removed from the main music streaming services, Apple Music and Spotify.

In other words if you had some of those tracks in your playlist you won’t find them there anymore, fact confirmed by a simple search on both music platforms.

Every album, that in most cases as you know contains amazing music, is still available on Amazon (on the picture above Ramin-Djawadi, author of Gears 4 soundtrack):

Thinking about the coming of Gears 5 this years I personally hope that Steve Jablonsky along with the Skywalker Chorus would make the come back to compose and perform the next Gears of War soundtrack.

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