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Announcing Gears News, the first Alexa skill dedicated to Gears Of War

March 18, 2019

We are so excited to present you the first Alexa skill in the world exclusively dedicated to Gears Of War! From Monday to Saturday we will bring you news and curiosities from the official channels and the international community, keeping you up to date about the game, the new titles that are coming this year and following the latest from the competitive scene.

For those of you that are not yet aware of what Alexa is, let us introduce Amazon Echo technology.

In November of 2014 Amazon released Echo, a cylindrical smart home speaker bundled with artificial intelligence. Amazon’s AI gained popularity in many households. Alexa is the name of Amazon’s voice-based smart home assistant. While some folks will use the names interchangeably, Alexa is actually the name of just the AI, not the product. You can use Alexa in Amazon’s Echo products. These now include the original Amazon Echo and the newest additions to the lineup. According to Amazon, there have been more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices sold to consumers. Echo speakers make up about 63 percent of the smart speaker market.

By default, Echo devices use “Alexa” as their wake word. While the device is constantly listening, it only starts tracking and analyzing what you say next after it hears “Alexa” (you can change the wake word to something else: Echo, Computer or Amazon).

From there, you can ask Alexa all sorts of questions: you can ask her to play music, ask about the weather or ask her to convert measurements for you. You can also use her to shop for products on Amazon or to control other smart home devices in your home. A number of third-party apps and services work with Alexa, so you can do things like order a Domino’s pizza, or ask for the latest Washington Post headlines. Amazon calls each of these different capabilities “skills.”

And here we just get straight to the point. This Monday, March the 17th, we have just released a new custom Alexa skill tailored to every Gears fan around. At the moment the skill is available in English and Italian. Our roadmap includes also a Spanish version for the next future.

If you’d like to spread some info about your eSport team or if you’d prefer to write or record news to be delivered daily in Gears News, please make a step forward and let us hear from you! We are constantly looking for die-hard Gears fans!

A special thanks to The Coalition. Since they launched The Coalition Army program we have been accepted in with the Member status. We tried to effectively use some of the material they have kindly made available (actually the Italian audio version of the news uses the cover intro provided by TCA).

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