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Gears of War: Judgment Lesson Series – The Ticker

March 21, 2013

ArCtyC and Skyllus are at it again – making fun informative tutorial videos to help the Gears of War community. In this video, Skyllus walks, er ticks us through some of the new Locust mechanics in the Gears of War: Judgment mode, OverRun. The Ticker is one of the most valuable classes in your attack against the COG’s defensive.

From ArCtyC: Welcome to the first episode of our Gears of War Judgment Lesson Series for Overun. I’m Skyllus and I’ll be going through all of the Locust classes for Overrun. This video features the Ticker and covers how to maximize points, deal with Engineers, eat grenades, and general gameplay tips.

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Video: Gears of War: Judgment Lesson Series – The Ticker

Source: EpicGames


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