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Gears of War: Judgment – Horde Mode Petition

March 25, 2013

Dear Epic Games,
We, the ones who subscribe this petition, are all “Gears of Wars” fans, many of us since the first game of the franchise.

This petition refers to the game quoted above and the “Horde” mode, once found in earlier versions of the game.

We all were very adapted to the “Horde” mode, which was a very fun and relaxed way to enjoy the game Frantic shootouts with hordes of enemies controlled by artificial intelligent was one of the most exciting ways of playing it. That mode was a cooperative way of playing, just like this petition is building itself.

In the new “Gears of War Judgment” you removed an important part of the game, and the “Overrun” mode do not surrogate the “Horde” at all It is just an extra way of playing the game, also whit it’s qualities, but not substitutional.

And it affects a lot of the franchise fans, some of us are losing the interest on the game
And sooner we’ll all have to abandon the new “Judgment” if the “Horde” mode does not get back into the game with no charge.

Thank you very much for your attention, For those about to sign the petition
As soon as we hit 100 thousand signatures, I’ll be the one who get in touch whit Epic Games to solve this problem and get back the “Horde” mode.

Source & petition: Change.org


Very first Administrator of this community, anonymous by definition. The entire fan community somehow is hidden behind his generic title.

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