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Gears of War Judgment Levels re-up

April 3, 2013

Performing certain actions in multiplayer nets you experience. Experience points mainly come form killing opponents, completing objectives and earning ribbons. As your XP goes up your level increases. Your level is shown in your pre-game lobby and on your scoreboard next to your gametag.

In GOW Judgment when you reach the maximum level, the 50th, and apparently can’t go any further, you have still the option of re-upping. This resets your xp to zero, level to 1 and increases your rank by 1.

Select Stats & Awards to get to your character summary. If your level is now a star it means that you can re-up. Press X button to confirm the process.

And if you reach a second time the top level how ti go further? Exactly like you did before, you can re-up your levels up to 12 times. Each time you reset your XP and increase your rank the star displayed at the right of your GT will look differently, as shown below.



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