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[GCON] Community Night: Gaming With The Developers!

April 19, 2013

That’s right we are bringing The Epic Developers to you! On Friday, April 19th 4:00pm EST! Now if you haven’t participated in one of Gaming with Developer Events here is what you can expect. The Developers will be hosting lobbies for everyone to join, but unlike other Gaming with Developer Events you don’t message them. We’ll have a dedicated host to every developer that you will need to message the day of the event. Our standard rule for these events is 2 matches per room and then we’ll cycle in an entire new group to join us. Everyone will get a chance to play and we’ll ensure that it happens!

Rules for this Event
There is absolutely no trolling or speaking harshly to any Dev. If this happens the host will bring the game back to lobby and kick person(s) involved. They will inform all other hosts of this person(s) GT and they will not be invited back to any lobby.

Source & detailed infos: unreal-arcade.com

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