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Play the goddamn game man – Hek7iC Point of view on Judgment

May 10, 2013

Hek7iC, pro GOW player and co-owner of The Grind Esports, recently published a new blog, starting with a valuable point of view about Gears of War Judgment. We personally agree with him.. stop complaining, keep playing the game we love.

We are going to repost the portion of the issue related to Judgment.

Mostly everyone can agree that GoW:J is a broken game in one aspect or another. We all have our own ideas on what needs to be fixed, but one thing is certain, it NEEDS to be fixed, yes? NO! I love you guys, and the effort everyone is putting into trying to fix a broken game, but this infectious idea of “fix it, fix it, fix it” does not work. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think telling the developers what is broken and how to fix it is productive and necessary for the longevity of ANY competitive title. BUT, and this is a big BUT, when a community of players literally halts scrimming, halts running tournaments, and freeze frames until said game is fixed, their is a huge problem. It is our job as a community to play the game as is. Play in tournaments, put out content, and test the package we have.

For the few people who may be shaking their heads and headbanging their monitor at the audacity of what I just said, let me explain. How many of you have played in a tournament on DEFAULT settings? hmm? I don’t remember said tournament taking place. The only testing on default settings I have ever seen was on one scrim when Barbosa (the owner of Hypefestation) and petenub (Works at Epic) were watching. We played one map on all default, and that was it. No further testing, no gameplay, no videos on why a scrim on default settings doesnt work with detailed evidence. Now, before you go off on me about how the game was made for FFA, and hibbidly hoo blah, their is a very basic idea that was never fully fleshed out when everyone was screaming “FIX THE GAME!”, it was the idea of balance. Its quite simple really, when you take one aspect of the game out, everything else gets affected as well.

So,  a very brief but excellent example is when everyone was screaming for the stims to be banned, nerfed, and thrown in the nearest cremator people did not think, “Ok how does this affect everything else?” Well, you saw first hand that the Ink grenades then became very overpowered to the point where they are now being considered taken out of competitive settings. The frags have also now become an issue. So you see where the problem lies.

This mass mob mentality does not work. Asking for fixes to a game that on average we as a competitive community don’t play, doesn’t work. Their simply is NO balance between playtime/scrimming vs asking for fixes. And without that balance, we will end up with the Frankenstein of GOW: Some weird creation that we tried to make perfect, but made horribly wrong (reverse 2 piece anyone?)

My Solution

Play the goddamn game man. You want it fixed? play it first. Think about what is wrong, and what will happen when you change something. Test the game on default heavily, and make very minor, and precise changes as you go along. Simply cutting chunks out of the game doesn’t work. I don’t care if its this late in the game. If your going to do something, do it right. And i’m sorry but frankly, we have not done it right. We can still run tournaments, and do whatever we want as a community. Don’t agree with me? That’s fine. Feel free to follow me on twitter and debate your point @Hek7iC. See what i did there?

Source: hek7ic.wordpress.com


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