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“LIT” Weapon Skin and custom white Gears of War Xbox One

January 7, 2016

Tune in this Sunday, January 10th at 11:00 AM PST to watch the top teams in the Gears eSports ESL Season 1 Grand Finals compete for their share of $60,000 Prize at http://www.twitch.tv/GearsofWar.

The broadcast will feature incredible Gears of War gameplay from the Top 4 Finalist teams: Denial eSports, EnvyUs, Onslaught, and Vexx Gaming. Who will take home the big prize? In addition, Rod Fergusson (Studio Head) and Ryan Cleven (Lead Multiplayer Designer) will take questions from the audience and speak about Gears of War at a Developer Panel during the show. The coalition will also be featuring some special guests and doing giveaways in stream so make sure to watch this Sunday!

Last but not least, ALL VIEWERS will have the chance to get the exclusive “Lit” weapon skin, only available at this event! Watch the broadcast for instructions on how all viewers can claim this digital weapon skin from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition just for tuning in.

Via: gearsofwar.com

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