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Hypefestation got acquired by Rekt Nation Inc. | Our considerations

January 8, 2016

Yesterday Capitan Barbosa, former CEO of Hypefestation, published a notice regarding the acquisition of his company by Rekt Nation Inc.

Apart from the fact itself, quite normal in the lifecycle of every small to big organization, I found absolutely interesting some excerpt about the reasons behind this move. In particular there are two points considered as relevant to my experience.

The first is related to the great financial commitment often required to organize events with the sole will of some passionate fans. Follows the original text:

The event had stressed me out immensely and had also put me in a financial hole with unforeseen expenses mostly as damages to the venue and hardware. I have been channeling all my time to my new job in order to pay the outstanding expenses.

The second regards the “loneliness” sometimes you have to deal with when you plan to arrange events without the help of big companies sponsoring or supporting your work in any way, even if that is not for profit but just made with the intention to give benefit to the franchise that constitutes their core-business. Follows the part in question:

We cannot continue to spend our money, time, and resources into a community that does not wholeheartedly understand the sacrifices we have made, appreciate our efforts, and that does not reflect the work we have done for them. We hope to continue servicing the Gears of War community but not without the joint and official support of Microsoft Studios and The Coalition.  Most importantly, we need the players and community that enjoy and benefit from the services we have provided to support us back, grow in numbers, and mature.

As anticipated in a reply to a recent Barbosa’s tweet, as a growing community we have experienced exactly the same issues. I have necessarily thought almost identical things after each event organized by this community, so I am able to deeply understand the meaning of his message.

We spent literally *thousands* of Euros to set-up stands, buy materials, move people and stuff, hire professionals, everything just to guarantee a really enjoyable and fun experience, without any support nor motivational words from the franchise owners or from the official developers. We have always understood that being passionate fans remains mainly a choice of ours.


Just to say few more words about Hypefestation.. we have always given wide coverage to every Hypefestation initiative because we love and respect so much the kind of professional approach demonstrated in their work. We would like to definitely thank Jason Barbosa, next Rekt Nation Inc. COO, for what he has done till now.

Read full article here: hypefestation.com



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