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Be Quick or Be Dead – MiLAN 1vs1 Tournament

March 10, 2015

We are absolutely excited to present our very first event completely organized by COG Anonymous. The competition will take place during Cartoomics 2015, an important comics convention located in Milan (north of Italy) on March the 14th / 15th. As in the previous editions more or less 60.000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition.

This will be a LAN tournament, so for simplicity this time we settled for the easiest option: 2 consecutive days of 1 vs 1 tournaments, with two prizes, one for each day.

We are stil waiting for confirmation about the availability of the bandwidth needed to stream to Twitch. The day after tomorrow we will start to set up the LAN.

The roster for the first day has already be prepared on Challonge:

Day 1 – http://coganonymous.challonge.com/be_quick_or_be_dead

Day 2 – http://coganonymous.challonge.com/be_quick_or_be_dead_2

Rules are subject to change until March the 13th according to the feedbacks of the community.. please feel free to write down your comments, pointing out limits and possibile failures of our view.

We made huge efforts to prepare this event. Just like any other aspect of this community this project has been founded entirely by ourselves.. expenses of communication, hardware (2 x 39” LED TVs), stand setting up and so on.

We really hope to succeed in letting the Gears of war community make  a great step forward on this side of the world.

Please if you are interested in this initiative keep an eye to this post, it will be updated with players rosters, photos and much more.

Thanks to all of you, wish us some good luck ;D

UPDATE March 17th

We ran into some issues with one headset and with wi-fi connection, despite this we had a total of 43 players subscribed to the event! Compliments to NSA Natsu and Cinghialotto48!

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