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Gfinity & Am2Pro European Open

June 24, 2016

In collaboration with Gears of War, The Coalition and Am2Pro, we are hosting the Gears eSports European Open Grand Finals at the Gfinity Arena & Studios in Central London on Sunday 10th July 2016.

The Top 4 teams will play in the Grand Finals in front of a live studio audience at the Gfinity Arena & Studios. Teams will qualify for the Gfinity Grand Finals through an open tournament hosted by Am2Pro at the Nottingham Forest Football Stadium (UK) starting Friday evening, July 8, 2016 and continuing through Saturday, July 9th.

Tournament format will be double-elimination Gears of War: Ultimate Edition “Execution” played on the standard Gears eSports settings (e.g. six-map cycle with map/faction picking, character restrictions, etc).

Matches will be Best of 5, with the Grand Finals being a Best of 7.

Pro and Amateur teams across Europe will compete for a starting £10,000 prize pool with the potential for it to increase to a whopping £15,000 if more than 32 team participate.

Gears of War European Open with Gears of War eSports and Am2Pro

  • Am2Pro will be hosting the qualifiers, with GFinity hosting the finals, in collaboration with The Coalition and Gears of War eSports.
  • The qualifiers will take place at the Nottingham Forest Football Stadium in Nottingham, United Kingdom. The finals will be taking place at the GFinity Arena in London.
  • The qualifiers in Nottingham will take place from the evening of Friday July 8, starting at 18:00PM BST, through Saturday July 9, starting at 10:00AM BST. The Finals will take place on Sunday July 10, starting 14:00PM BST.
  • The prize pool will depend on the number of teams that take part. The prize breakdown for 32 teams or less is:
    • First Place – £6,000
    • Second Place – £3,000
    • Third Place – £1,000
  • The prize breakdown for more than 32 teams:
    • First Place – £8,000
    • Second Place – £4,000
    • Third Place – £2,000
    • Fourth Place – £1,000
  • The Tournament will be a double elimination, Execution styled tournament, using the general Gears of War eSports settings.
  • Tournament matches will be a best of 5, with the Grand Finals being best of 7.


Spectator and Team Passes

  • Early Bird Team Passes can be purchased for £120.
  • VIP Passes include access to warm up stations are available for £160.
  • After July 1, prices for both Standard and VIP passes increase to £160 and £200 respectively.
  • Spectator Passes for the Qualifiers are £15.
  • Spectator Passes (early bird) for the Grand Finals at the GFinity Arena are just £10!
  • Those that buy a Team Pass before June 15 will receive the Lambent Splatter weapon skin.

You can catch all of the action for the EU LAN over at twitch.tv/GearsofWar. However, if you live in the UK, wherever that may be, I strongly encourage you to attend this event. If not to participate, then to be a part of the audience and show your support for the EU Gears eSports scene! This is the biggest event the EU has seen for Gears of War, so make sure you’re a part of what could be a great foundation for EU Gears eSports. This is the chance for the competitive Gears in the EU to really take off, be a part of it!



For updates on this event, follow @eSportsGears, @Gfinity and @Am_2_Pro on Twitter.


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