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Horde Announcement Celebration July 3rd

June 24, 2016

To celebrate the announcement of Horde 3.0 for Gears of War 4

Date: Sunday July 3rd
Time: 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK
Details: With teams of five you have 4 hours to do your best to defeat the Horde!! In doing so you have a chance to win some amazing prizes donated by The Coalition

Game: Gears of War 3
Gametype: Horde
Difficulty: Hardcore or Insane (Players Choice) Waves starting at 1 to 50
Mutators: On (Players Choice)
Map: Players Choice


  • Must follow the details above
  • You can create your own teams, and can use this thread to look for teammates, once team is selected please post your team name if you want to use a team name. When posting team name please have Team Capitan at the top, and other gamer-tags.
  • Select one person to be the Team Leader and will be responsible for the sending screenshot.
  • When the event has ended please provide screenshot with Timestamp showing your complete score, waves, completed and gamertags of complete team.
  • If playing on Xbox 360 you can take a picture with your camera, provided you include time, date, and gamertag.
  • Please post link of image from Xbox Live Profile here on this Thread.

Prizes: 3 Ways To Win Prizes

Any team that hits 50 waves has the chance to win:

  • UE Lambent Splatter OR Straightlined OR Neptune OR Gears of War 3 Launch Collection Skins (3 teams – cannot be Points winners)

Highest Score of the night wins:

  • Gears of War 3 Weapon Skin Pack – Launch Collection OR Gold Retro Lancer OR UE Pre-Order Characters
  • Gears T-Shirt (More Details Soon)

Random participation draws:

  • Choice of Gears 3 Weapon Skin Launch Collection OR UE Straightlined OR UE Neptune (5 winners)

See the official forum for further infos!

Via: gearsofwar.com

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