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Midbox Duo – 2v2

August 31, 2015


Sad news, according to ‏@CatIsFrisk the tournament has been canceled, as she states with the following tweet “Hypefestations 2v2 Midbox Tournament has been canceled. All of our current attention is being focused on #Hype4 Teams have been refunded”


Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings

Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition – Single Elimination – 2v2
Sept 13th, 2015
10:00Am PDT / 1:00Pm EDT / 5:00Pm UTC

(Registration OPENS on August 30th)

Entry fee is 5$/player. (10$ total per team)

Entry fees are non-refundable.
If you wish to change your gamertag, you must do so by e-mailing CatIsFrisky@Hypefestation.com. Deadline for any such changes is on Saturday, September 12th Midnight EST. No Exceptions. 


First Place: 70% of Prize pool
Second Place: 30% of Prize pool
*Sponsored prizes to be added*

Any players caught cheating will be banned from all future Hypefestation events.

– Gnashers ONLY
– Character Restrictions tbd
– Round Time Limit: 2 Min
– Bleed Out time is the default: 20s
– Friendly Fire: ON
– Map: Boxes

Rounds -> First to 5
Semis -> First to 7
Finals -> First to 10

Player Rules
– All players must be on time for their respective scheduled matches.
– Players will be receiving a message from a Hypefestation Referee. You will have 15 minutes to join the lobby or risk being disqualified at the Referees discretion.
– Game Chat Only / Players cannot be in an Xbox live Party during their match.
– Players are not allowed to camp at the first set of sandbags in Spawn.
– Melee’s are allowed.
– The use/attempt of any map/game glitches will result in immediate disqualification.
–  You will not be assigned a neutral host. Private lobbies run on servers. The ref you are assigned will host your match.
– If you run out of ammo, you are not safe from the other players killing you.
– If you pull out another gun on accident, you are not safe from the other player killing you.
– If you fire any other kind of weapon, you will be disqualified.

Referees/Neutral Hosts
Cat Is Frisky – @Catisfrisky
So Stupendous – @Stupendous__
QueeNefertiti – @queenadinef
Deny Em Dally – @DenyEmDally 
JazzyFizzle94 – @JazzyFizzle94
Sinful Barbie – @Sinful_Barbie

CaptnBarbosa – @CaptnBarbosa on http://www.twitch.tv/hypefestation with TheCLEANerHD – @TheCLEANerHD


Official page: hypefestation.com

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