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Hype 4

August 31, 2015

On the weekend of October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Hypefestation will be taking over Latitude 360 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for our 4th stand-alone event. We will be featuring a Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 4v4 OPEN Tournament with pool play and a starting $10k Prize Pool. As we gather supporters and sponsors for the event, this is expected to increase.

We chose to go with Latitude 360 because of the flexibility of the venue. We can expand and contract the event depending on the number of teams willing to go. Latitude 360 is also a great place to hang out for spectators and for players not playing their matches. On Championship Sunday, Latitude 360 has given us full rights to use their main stage for the final matches of the tournament. The room comes equipped with a full lighting rack and sound system. We’ll be starting with a base of five 4v4 stations and have the potential to host up to eight 4v4 stations all depending on team pass sales.

As always, we will feature side events. These smaller events will be integrated into to the event throughout the weekend.

– 1v1 Midbox (spectators and players)
– 2v2 Midbox (spectators and players)
– 1v1 Midbox (ladies spectators and players)
– 2v2 Midbox (ladies spectators and players)
– OGs Vs. New Blood All-star Show Match
– 4v4 Mixers (spectators and players in small single elimination brackets)

More information on discounted Hotel room blocks, rules, settings, team passes, will be released as soon as it is ready. We are actively working on having all information a week before GoW:UE release. Save this page as a favorite as we will update it frequently.

We will be hosting another “kickback” tournament again where all the teams that signed up for the featured 4v4 bracket may win their team pass value back. Lock-in passes will also be available again. We have a non-player coordinator this time. Tickets will go on sale August 28th, 2015 and end on September 18th, 2015. There will be no door team pass sales unless there are cancellations.

Referees for the event will be compensated and tested on their knowledge of the rules. Hypefestation is making a huge effort to focus on fair, elaborate, and enforced rules. Applications for volunteers and positions will be available soon for the actual event.

Check the rules: http://hypefestation.com/gowue-official-competitive-rules/

Official site: hypefestation.com


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