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‘Gears of War’ Is Top of the Chart, and Yes You Should Play It Again

September 2, 2015

Your eyes are not deceiving you, and yes, it really is 2015. That is Gears of War at the top of the all-formats UK sales chart, right now. The same Gears of War that came out in 2006 and immediately made the Xbox 360 a pretty bloody desirable piece of kit. Nine years ago.

Okay, it’s not quite the same Gears – the version currently retailing is an improved “Ultimate Edition” exclusive to the Xbox One (for now), using the current-gen console’s increased power to generate 60 frames-per-second, super-glossy (but still pretty grey, like that could ever change) visuals, displayed in crisp 1080p. The bad guys, the Locust, scowl and growl meaner than they ever have, and the chunky, chiselled heroes of Delta Squad, led (eventually) by poster-boy meathead Marcus Fenix, are wonderfully realised models of cartoon machismo that now look less like processed meat in armour and more like WWE superstars with licenses to kill. The controls have been tightened, and the game’s difficulty feels slightly tweaked – my memory’s foggy but I don’t remember Marcus dying quite so easily in the 360 original. But maybe I was just better at it, back then.


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