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Map restrictions removed from Gears of War Ultimate Edition

September 3, 2015

Microsoft and The Coalition have announced that they are removing the map restrictions from Gears of War Ultimate Edition beginning today.

As a result, players will now have access to all of the game modes on every map in the game. There are 19 maps included with the game at launch, including all of the PC exclusive maps as well. These modes include the new Team Deathmatch as well as Assassination. Gears of War Ultimate Edition includes the complete first game remastered in 1080P and 60FPS and comes with the PC exclusive campaign levels as well.

Gears of War 2, 3 and Judgment will be added to the game in November via backwards compatibility as long as you play before the end of the year. You will also receive beta access to Gears 4 should you play prior to March 31st of 2016. The Ultimate Edition launched on August 25th exclusive to Xbox One.

Via: gamezone.com


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