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Hypefestation 4 Predictions and Analysis

October 2, 2015

Hypefestation 4 is going to start.. so we share a really interesting and serious analysis about some of the teams involved in the competition. To enter the discussion you can check the official forum:


VexX – Roster: Xcells, Toysoldier, Dispensa, Yogurt

Xcells – The heart of this team. He is the unquestionable leader and anchor of the team. His amazing communication and positioning are by far his best assets. He does a great job of guiding the rest of the team and putting them in favorable fire fights. Chris is also a great power weapon player. He is the sniper of the team and deservingly so. Players must respect and be aware of where he is on the map with it.

Toysoldier – Toy is a pure slayer. He is always in the middle of every gun fight. One of his best assets is to break ice and find a way to reset. He uses his freak movement to get in and out of fights consistently while constantly communicating what hes doing with his teammates. Although that sounds basic, he seems to do it better than most I’ve seen do it. Toy can also use power weapons. If Xcells is not picking the sniper up, Toy must be next in line.

Dispensa- He is the teammate that is always there for his team. Dispensa is the glue to this team. Decision making and communication are his best assets. He tends to always have the right gun out and be in the right spot.
Yogurt – Another good slayer. He has a good shotgun and its best displayed in team shotgun fights. When he’s on fire, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Team Analysis – I think this teams’ success comes down to consistency. Dispensa, in my opinion, is the only player on this team that is not streaky. Xcells and Yogurt also tend to let emotions get the better of them when they go through a slump. If they can keep their heads in the game, make the simple plays and stay focused, this team will be very hard to beat.

Annex (Throwdown) – Roster: Demo Bounce, Kyle, Clouts, Rozado

Demo- The leader of the team. Demo dictates most of what this team does due to his amazing communication. He calls out very well and keeps his entire team on the same page. This is most often noticed when he calls out mid round pushes or beginning round adjustments. He has a great pistol and smooth movement.

Kyle – The soul of the team. He is the main slayer and power weapon player. Kyle is the biggest factor on this team. This team revolves around how Kyle performs. If Kyle is on fire, this team tends to play great. If Kyle is struggling, the team tends to struggle. Luckily for them, Kyle is consistently a great player.

Clouts – The best way to describe him is raw skill playmaker. There are moments where he takes over games by himself. Although Kyle grabs most of the power weapons, Clouts is right behind him on that queue list. Much like every other gun, when he’s on with sniper, he’s exciting to watch.

Rozado – The new guy on the squad. I think Rozado hasn’t fully found his role on the team yet but he seems to be jelling well with the team. He is the utility player to this team. He does whatever his team needs. He can be a great support player but has shown the ability to go off with his shotgun.

Team Analysis – This team is the biggest hit or miss out of the “top” teams going into Hype. The biggest reason is consistency. Demo tends to die first a lot and put his team at a disadvantage. If he can keep the risky plays to a minimum and Clouts can improve his decision making, this team will no doubt be fighting to be in finals.

Swarm (Glory) – Mental, Lava, Xplosives, Phenomenon

Mental – The highlight reel. Mental is a great with every weapon but especially amazing with power weapons. He is a top 3 sniper and a top 10 player. He tends to make the clutch play every time his team needs it. His only set back is his experience, which he will easily gain by traveling to LAN tournaments.

Lava – Another player that is solid all around. He reminds me of Dispensa a lot in the sense he always has the right gun out and hes always in the right spot for his team. Due to that, he is extremely consistent. He doesn’t get to grab power weapons much because of Mental, but he is also extremely gifted with power weapons.

Xplosives – The leader and main slayer of the team. When you watch this team play, you usually see one player flying around the map and that is usually Xplosives. He is the vocal leader of the team and has an absolutely aggressive mentality. This aggressive mentality is backed up by confident game play. He has an amazing shotgun that sometimes outshines his positioning. He sets up his shots and support extremely well and tends to shine at the beginning of rounds.

Phenomenon – The wild card. Phenomenon has recently been proving himself as a player to be taken seriously. He has always had that aggressive/slayer mentality but is now learning how to play for damage and taking the correct fire fights.

Team Analysis – This team is consistent. Skill alone should keep them in the top 4. The only problem I see is the LAN environment affecting certain players. Because Xplosives and Mental do not have much LAN experience, they could be victims to an upset early on. As long as they get through the first three rounds smoothly, they will have no problem claiming a top 4 spot. Their placing will all depend on how much chemistry they can build with Phenomenon.

NME E Sports – (Affinity, Eternity, Carills, DamagePoints)

Affinity- Affinity’s skill set consist of positioning and overall awareness. He does a great job of looking at the map as a chess board and moving his pieces accordingly. This can mostly be seen by his power weapon play. He doesn’t hit ridiculous shots all the time but he constantly sets himself up for a good shot.

Eternity – Eternity is a perfectionist. Although he doesn’t always communicate it the best way, his passion improves his teammates around him. He has an amazing pistol and is a top tier sniper.

Carills- Solid all-around player. He does whatever his team needs of him. He has a mod-like pistol and good communication. He also plays with an older “strafe” dominated play style. This usually helps him on open maps and hurts him on cover based maps.

DamagePoints – Slayer. No other words to really describe this guy. He has a unique shotgun style due to his control configuration. This tends to catch people off guard when fighting him in the open.

Team analysis- This team could be one of those teams that just click on LAN. They rely a lot on individual game play. Although that isn’t a winning formula, they have the ability to get it done. They have four proven LAN players that play bigger when the lights are on.

Synergy – (Strangulate, Nasty, Noxious, Red Icy)

Strangulate – On paper, the leader of this team. He calls out strats and tends to take on the leadership of the team. He’s a smart player that can dissect what other teams are doing and adjust accordingly.

Nasty – The edge of the spear. Nasty is the slayer that is always forcing the fight. He has a great shotgun and his aggressive play-style favors him more times than not. He’s also an underrated leader. He likes to call out mid-round pushes and adjustments based off his position.

Noxious – The core of the team. Noxious is an all-around solid player. He can take shotgun fights when he needs to and can position himself to support accordingly. He is also a great power weapon player but usually defers to others on his team.

Red Icy – Icy fits the power weapon role on this team. He is especially exceptional with sniper. He is aggressive and passive depending on what the situation calls for. His confidence alone allows him to win shotgun fights.

Team analysis – This team is very emotional. If they take an early loss, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made an early exit. They lack map awareness and organization. They will rely on pure skill in order to possibly break top 4.

Awakening – (Poseidon, Knock, Bobby, Fanagler)

Poseidon – Mostly a slayer for his team. He likes to be in the fight with his shotgun while his team supports him.

Knock – A little bit of everything. Knock can sometimes be a main slayer, then a great pistol support player and then a great power weapon player. When he’s focused and comfortable, he is a consistently dominant player.

Bobby- Bobby is another utility player that does whatever the team needs. His gameplay often displays high-risk high-reward scenarios which lead to inconsistencies.

Fanagler – I don’t know much about Fanagler other than he’s great with sniper. I need to watch him more in order to have a better idea of his tendencies.

Team analysis – This team doesn’t scream individual skill at you but there team chemistry is definitely there. If this team can stay focused on the game itself and play confident, they can be a surprise of the event, much like Hype1.

Tragedy – (Sleepytime, Sicamore, TwistedShot, Supremoz)

Sleepytime – Warrior. He is the guy on the team that you tell “get a kill” and he gets you a kill. He has great movement and a dominant shotgun. His aggressive nature often forces opponents to fight him giving his team the advantage.

Sicamore – The best way to describe Sicamore is Icy/Hot. Gameplay-wise, he can do it all but he has no medium setting. He’s either really hot or cold. That doesn’t mean to be a jab at him but he sometimes takes his play to another level and its very noticeable.

Twisted Shot – The power weapon player on the team. You often notice him with the power weapon on every map. This is where hes most comfortable and he often displays brilliance when he has one.

Supremoz – is the gel. He is involved in all of the gun-fights and he does a great job of slaying when the situation or spot calls for it. He’s also another player that can go from very hot to not.

Team analysis – This teams placing will be very interesting. I see them upsetting some really good teams if they can play with determination. I know they will play confident but handling the emotional roller-coaster will be key to their success. They have no true leader and I believe that is what this team lacks the most.

Ruffled Feathers – (Mephisto, Celend, Newnez, Cinellz)

Mephisto- Solid. Players tend to look at him as an power weapon/support but he can hold his own in shotgun fights. Overall a well-rounded player with an amazing sniper and bow.

Celend – The shot caller. Celend is they type of player that will get the first kill or die first. He has a good grasp of how to maneuver his team around maps and loves the numbers game. Although his shotgun is inconsistent, his positioning makes up for it most of time.

Newnez- Newnez is another ulility player with an aggressive mindset. On this team, due to the play-style, you will find him playing aggressive with a shotgun a lot.

Cinellz – The 1v1 player with power weapon capabilities. Cinellz has always been a skilled individual player who best displays his skill set when playing with some guidance. He is great with all power weapons and must be respected when equipped.

Team analysis- A lot like Tragedy, I think this team can surprise some top teams. If they work together and play on the same page, they have enough skill and leadership to pull off some great upsets. Their success will depend on Celend ability to make plays with his shotgun and Newnez making the correct decisions.

Noble – (Chubbz, Gambler, Wingos, Subzero)

Chubbz – The Swiss army knife. He can do everything and he does everything great. He has a good grasp of what needs to be done at the particular time it needs to happen.

Gambler – Another great sniper. He does a good job of setting up his snipes. Rarely misses “easy” shots and also hits the ridiculous ones.

Wingos – Wingos is the biggest slayer for this team. He does not shy away from shotgun fights and does a good job of being accurate. He can also do damage with power weapons so when hes not slaying, hes sniping.

Subzero – He is the support player for this team. If you are getting crossed from across the map, its most likely him.

Team analysis – This team needs to rely on good power weapon play and team shooting. If they can break ice, they need to make sure they win those rounds. If they can get some momentum early on, I see them breaking the bracket.

Justus Raw Talent – (Immortal Spawn, Cubano, Mentz, Void)

Immortal- The strategist and in game hype man. He keeps the team in unison at all times. Hes a great communicator and does a great job of guiding his teammates.

Cubano – The backbone of the team. He is the slayer and the primary play maker for this team. He is usually the one leading the charge through support or shotgun.

Metnz – The main power weapon option on this team. Hes an underrated sniper who consistently performs well with it.

Void- Void kind of does it all but hes mostly the one with a shotgun out and in the fight. He does a good job of taking the right fights and listening to his teams call-outs.

Team Analysis- This team can either be very good or mediocre. It will all come down to how they play that weekend. Immortal and Cubano bring a lot of energy to the team but I dont know if it will be enough to push them past the top 4 threshold.

IQHQ Legacy – (FatalStryke, Perfect Uno, Ribs, Leon)

FatalStryke – The voice of the team. He does a great job of communicating and keep his team in sync. Every time his team gets a man advantage you hear fatal trying to calm his team down and re-evaluate the situation.

Perfect Uno -Uno is the 1v1 slayer on this team. You usually see him in front of the charge with his shotgun out. Sometimes his aggressive mentality puts him in awkward positions but he does a good job of making the best of it.

Ribs – The heart of the team. Ribs is one of the clutchest players in the community. It doesnt matter what gun he has. He breaks down setups with his slick and unique movement. He also does an amazing job getting out of terrible situations.

Leon – Leon is known for being a great power weapon player. Put a sniper or bow in his hands and he will get you a kill.

Team analysis – This team will depend on Ribs and Uno but mostly Ribs. If Ribs is hot, this team will surprise a lot of people. He’s the one player on this team that can take it to another level and win maps on his own. If the rest of the guys can move in unison, expect them to upset a good team early.

Source: GearsOfWar forum

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