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XBOX Official Magazine, 18 Pages Special

January 23, 2016

As many probably already know, the February issue of the XBOX Official Magazine (UK) features an extensive 18 pages special completely dedicated to Gears Of War franchise, specifically focused on the upcoming title Gears of War 4.

In the following we try to give an overview summing up the key-points of that article.

return to the gritty, visceral roots that are the very core of the frinchise

Words wisely spoken by Rod Fergusson, studio head at The Coalition, as final consideration after a detailed narrative description of the first (and only) Gears Of War 4 trailer. The goal is to bring GOW4 in line with the darker feelings of GOW1/GOW Ultimate

..proving to fans that Gears was in the right hands

Then comes a digression on Fergusson professional experiences (since Epic Games and beyond, so that he got the reputation of “a fixer”), that brought him back to MS and GOW franchise. He told about the name chosen for the development studio (The Coalition). The reference is to the last title released, Gear of War Ultimate Edition, good prove that GOW is now in the right hands.

we look forward to continuing that legacy of innovation in this fourth Gears

GOW has never been conservative with innovations, you can remember lots of things introduced since GOW1 (co-op, Horde mode and so on). It seems that the new chapter of the saga will try to introduce innovations, nevertheless going back to the root as said before.

It emphasised cover-based movement like nothing we had tried before. And it literally changed everything.

This sentence comes from Lee Perry, gameplay and level designer with a leading role on all of the three original GOW titles. Follows a large study about GOW gameplay mechanics, discussing even about the two main weapons, the iconic Lancer and the “infamous” Gnasher.

Judgment has been ambivalently received and Fergusson has made much of the idea that GOW4 is a return to the roots

This is one of two steps only where Judgment appears.. and we know this sentence will probably be appreciated by most people.

Among the most successful features that did make the cut was the much-imitated Horde mode

A full page and half dedicated to the Horde mode, related to different single-player/multiplayer aspects. We definitely hope that Horde will come back to GOW4.

15 Greatest Gears of War Moments

A 3-pages-length issue, really a pleasure to read, remembering few moments that probably you stil keep in your heart.

If you are not already a subscriber we suggest to buy a copy, maybe in digital format, in order to access the full content accompanied by many gorgeous pictures.


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