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Gears of War 4 Trailer: The Nightmare Reborn

April 11, 2016

The new cinematic trailer up top attempts to rekindle the emotional and epic trailers of the original Gears of War, helped made popular by the use of a cover song of “Mad World” by Gary Jules. In fact, the entire franchise has made a name for itself with a smart use of music and powerful teasers. This one features a familiar looking COG soldier sporting heavy blue armor and the protagonist, JD Fenix, the son of franchise poster boy Marcus Fenix, appears visually to be a cross between his father and fan-favorite series character Baird.


Fenix, like his father before him and despite previous claims that the franchise would do something very different when it came back, seems to be using the same weapons (there are few cool new ones including a buzzsaw launcher and a combat knife for melee kills) and gear against similar enemies on the same turf. In this case, the trailer makes a point of emphasizing that the Fenix’s homestead (where JD grew up) is now a battlefield as the Locust Horde invades.

Gears 4’s story and gameplay takes place on Sera approximately 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3. The new main enemies are known only as The Swarm and help feed the dark atmosphere of the game which is meant to be reminiscent of the original where there’re a more intimate, horror-esque vibe against a mysterious enemy force.

Via: screenrant.com


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