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Gears of War: Judgment Reapers and Reaper Anniversary Party!

September 22, 2013

September 19th 2013 – September 30th 2013
Reapers Worldwide are celebrating 6 Months Gears of War: Judgment’s release and the community Reaper program with a Reaper Anniversary Party. The Reaper Festival is a community event where you can play against the Community Epic Reapers that Epic Games selects every week.

If you’re looking to earn your Reaper Medal and Weapon Skin this is the event for you!

The Reaper Festival is every Saturday at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST / 8 PM GMT and usually last a few hours. The group usually plays Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All. If you want to join in on the action just visit the forum thread and send a message to the lobby hosts.

The Xbox live links to hosts are available on the thread.

All of the reaper action will be streamed live on EV0L0NE’sTwitch.tv channel and you can watch the matches while you wait for an invite.

Reaper Festival Thread

EV0L0NE’S Live Stream

You will still also be able to find some of the developers from Epic Games playing as the Reaper as well as RaczillaCherZapDarkAp89 and Fl4k, and the Reaper Festival ReapersI EV0L 0NE I, Alex Brand LE and LeMansFahrer.

We’re bringing back some of our former Reapers to join in the fun and our new Reapers have been chosen! !

Brad – UK – Gamertag: SHiIfT N DRiiFT
Kyle – US – Gamertag: FellBluedodger
Neil – US – Gamertag: MVViking71
Cody – Canada – Gamertag: CptSharppz
Lance – USA – Gamertag: DreadfulRaven
Scott – USA – Gamertag: xXx TacComm xXx
Nick – US – Gamertag:  NickKrause
Frank  – Australia – Gamertag: lordwestie
Chris – US – Gamertag: Gorgon Freeman
Mel – Australia – Gamertag: M3LBBY
Marcus – UK – Gamertag: BRODIEMAN
Simon – UK – Gamertag: Slays
Engin – Turkey – Gamertag: Ashes2Gnashers
Linda – US – Gamertag: saaaaaaaammm
Julio – Brazil – Gamertag: JPK l P4L4D1N0
Max – Brazil – Gamertag: Morocoto
Idris – UK – Gamertag: ImDzombieLegend
Wendy – UK – Gamertag: Mad Bad Vixen 
Alex – US – Gamertag: ElJibaro25
Stefano – Italy – Gamertag: STEPLATONE

Follow the Reaper_Tracker for hints where they will be. Thanks to Gnashes and Bizkitdoh for the feed and good luck slaying the Reaper!


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