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Expect Changes in Weapons on Multiplayer for Gears of War

September 10, 2014


While Black Tusk Studios has been working on the future installment for the chainsawing action known as the Gears of War series, dedicated fans are still lingering on the online servers for Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgement. However, these active players have been complaining about other players who have been constantly using the retro lancers in the online multiplayer modes. Despite the fact that folks have the option to use other weapons, veterans explain from their own personal experiences about why retro lancers triumph against the other available guns in the forum where the moderator made the big announcement.

Announced 10 hours ago on twitter, Black Tusk Studio stated that they have been listening to their supporters and their feedback.

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Although Stephen Toulouse, Rod Fergusson, and Martin might be tired of hearing these complaints, they are at least responding to this issue. In fact, they even created a new topic thread to blatantly state that they’ve read the concerns. In the same post, they also addressed that fixing this problem won’t impact the new stuff.

However, they still need to look into this manner and tweak some gameplay based on the feedback, so they have asked for forum members to stop creating new threads that mentioned retro lancers are OP or over powered. Yet, these interesting stories do not lie about how these users actually feel toward joining a team. Here’s one message:

“So everytime I join a game my team or the other team are only using Retro which is very f***ing annoying. You think they’re using it for easy kills or just trying to be a pain in the ASS”

While these upset players often leave these posts on a regular basis, the active forum members seemed to feel quite the opposite toward the situation.

“Everyone makes such a big deal and exaggerates the Retro use so much. I run into like, one or two Retro users every couple matches or so. Even then, they’re rarely even proficient with it. Full teams of Retro are even more rare.  Most people have a Gnasher wielded to their hands, so the Retros don’t come out usually. Even when they do, they’re usually, not hard to fight, even in teams. Unless your teams have the combined IQ of a brick.”

Although this writer enjoys the smack talk on the sidelines, some posts actually bring some interesting opinions toward how players choose to wield their weapon of choice. For example, one user switches to a retro lancer when running up closer to the hill, but he or she switches guns for other tactical purposes. Because each person has his or her opinion on this manner, readers should share their thoughts as well.

Are these retro lancers really an OP? Are teammates or veterans proficiently using them in combat? Will Black Tusk Studio make these changes soon or later?

For more information about the forum, please visit the official website.

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