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Black Tusk Studios Confirms First Christmas Community Event for GOW3

December 22, 2014

Developer Black Tusk Studios has confirmed that the first Christmas community event for 2011’s Gears of War 3 is now live.

The first event, called “Hardcore Weekend,” removes all weapons from the map and leaves players to only use their Gnashers and Snub Pistols.

According to a forum post on Gears of War’s official website, the Christmas-themed events are only available on Gears of War 3 and will be running from December 12th to January 2nd, 2015.

The snowman heads, of course, make their return for each of the special multiplayer playlists in the community events, while the developers have said they are “familiar” to past events but they may have “some slight changes.”


“Happy Holidays, #GearsNation! I hope you all have had an enjoyable holiday season thus far and are excited for time off of school/work to spend time with family, friends, and, of course, play loads of Gears of War,” reads the message posted.

“After a few weeks of preparation from some of the team here in the studio, I am excited to announce GEARSMAS 2014, aka three weeks of rotating Gears of War 3 events.

“One thing will remain constant throughout the following 3 weeks in the events playlist – snowman heads are back (for just the event-specific playlist), but expect to see some familiar rotating events that will be announced daily in this thread and on social media.”

The Gears of War franchise served as a core exclusive for the Xbox 360 era and had 4 titles produced by Epic Games, but Microsoft acquired the rights to the series earlier this year.

Earlier this month, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said Black Tusk Studios are “making massive progress” on the first title in the franchise since Gears of War: Judgment in 2013, with this new installment rumoured to be developed only for Xbox One.

Source: gamerheadlines.com


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