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Gears of War Goes Back To Its Roots With New ‘Mad World’ Trailer

August 18, 2015

Microsoft has just revealed the launch trailer for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and it carries a very familiar tune. The new spot features Gary Jules’ Mad World, which also played in the iconic trailer for the original game.

The footage begins similarly, but eventually diverges from the original, showing additional footage from the first game, as the Ultimate Editionincludes a remastered Gears of War 1, but also the three other games in the series including the numbered sequels and the less-well received Gears of War: Judgement.

The original “Mad World” spot has been viewed 11.9 million times on YouTube, the most popular version oddly not being an official release, but rather uploaded by a random YouTuber which has miraculously remained online to this day. On any list of the “10 best video game trailers ever” you might see scattered around the internet, Mad World is almost always in the top five.” […]

Via: Forbes.com


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