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Inglorious COGs

January 28, 2013

Inglorious COG

It may happens that some evening you start with your companions an horde.. initially the focus is on the map to choose, then on the defenses to built.. Soon the game becomes harder and you have to manage increasing waves of fucking locusts and lambents that also have the funny habit to fight each other.

What a relaxing landscape.. all that severed bodies, rivers of blood and patches of emulsion in every place. In that ideal scenario with some beers, wine or drugs to your side your party proceed straight to the highest peak, the ultimate and last 50th wave! But you know, it isn’t as easy to complete horde mode.. so you may fail a pair of times.

Suddenly.. you restart the 50th wave and someone is missing. No, it should be a connection error.. what the fuck. It’s the last fucking wave for which I had to play some hours with no interruptions.. no one would have never left. So you wait a while, confused, embarassed, some hanger slowly rising.. until you realize that it has really happened. That asshole has really left at the last wave! That fucking jerk has flown in the silence without prompting an excuse through his entry-level microphone! What a damned bullshit! Ok it was the 5 AM but, I mean, it was the last wave! We can’t fail! We want the queen’s ass and there were still child soldiers fighting with us and such a moron closed his session! What the hell..

Every C.O.G. knows it’s a mad world.. so how to manage such strangers encountered on public multiplayer? Simply you can’t.. so we’ll probably admit this INGLORIOUS C.O.G. in the COG Anonymous, letting him lowering, if possible, our already dramatic low level.

PS: It’s not our habit to close a good featured article without some pussy, so even if it’s not in topic, here is an inglorious bitch

Inglorious blonde bitch

Ashes to ashes, blood to blade, shot to sh*t. No think, no feel, just do it.

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