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COG Anon @ War

March 2, 2013


The Grind – DBNO Gears of War 3 –  4v4 Tournament

We are proud to announce that COG Anonymous is going at war! We are ready to shed our blood on the battlefield of our first international tournament. A small group belonging to COG Anonymous will go on ahead facing some Miami guys in what appears as the last GOW3 competition scheduled before the release of Judgment. The tournament is called  The Grind – DBNO Gears of War 3 – 4v4 Tournament and will include Execution and KOTH modes.

For the occasion COG Anonymous shows his war flag. Good luck to ourselves and to the enemy will cross our way! We will update this post with the results of the first match.

Update 02/03/2012

The first round started at 4 PM (US East Coast time) on Execution mode followed by a KOTH match. We hadn’t experienced major connection issues, only suffered the skill of our adversaries that have overwhelmed out team in both the modalities.

On our side there were the following Anons:

  • nkanter (captn)
  • redmorining81
  • vizz80
  • blackwine04

The opponent team was Flawless, composed by:

  • Reactiez (captn)
  • CannLbals
  • Climatte
  • Dundamize

We should have engaged another team with the chance to continue but we completely missed the time of the match.. yes, you understood well.. we thought it would have been the day after, instead.. Throwdown passes the turn without engaging us at all for an epic fail of ours. Shit, damn.. WTF

Update 03/03/2012

Here is the final result chart of the ecpic tournment.. with one game lost and one not played we reached the bottom of the ranking.. but you know that like the locust did, before or later we’ll rise from the underground to win global awards!

Please note that our rivals has always lost in their next matches, so we have concluded to have successfully unlocked Revenge Objective and Anon Curse weapon.

Supreme Champion: Throwdown
Worthy Adversary: RG SYNERGY
Maybe Next Time: LoX


4th place: Downfall: The Empire
5th place tie: Second To None
7th place tie: TG Bad Weather
9th place tie: Flawless
Turn Up
13th place tie: Nothing Personal
Final Boss
C.O.G Anonymous
17th place: Death before Dishonour


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Source: DBNO

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