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The Coalition Army

April 13, 2016

Another great news just came from The Coalition. Other than supporting Gears of War through an official program, every creative, passionate gamer will be able since now to join a very particular circle inside the wide Gears family. The summary of the official announcement follows:


About The Coalition Army

The Coalition Army (TCA) is built from the ground up for fans creating content for Gears of War. Whether you’re bringing our characters to life through cosplay, streaming to an audience while playing Gears or drawing your own take on our universe via fan-art, this program is our commitment to our fans to support your work and help take it to the next level. Whether you’ve already been doing it for years, or you’re just getting started, we want to help you.

So, what does being part of The Coalition Army mean?

  • By signing up, we’ll know about you and where we can find your work! We’ll also share the latest news direct to your inbox as it’s announced so you can keep on top of the latest goings on for Gears of War.
  • Since we’ll know who and what you create, there’s an increased chance for your work to be shared with the wider Gears of War community. When we do, we’ll be sure to credit you and point fans to more of your creations (whenever possible). If we’re sharing your videos, we’ll be sure to share them directly from your channel and we’ll never re-upload them without your explicit permission.
  • We’ll continually be providing resources direct from The Coalition that support our creators over the months and years ahead, helping you take your work in the Gears universe to the next level
  • Being part of the program means you have the chance to be contacted with exclusive opportunities as a thank you for your work


While we can’t offer every opportunity to every member of The Coalition Army, everyone who signs up will be given access to the news updates and resources for your chosen field. We took the first step in this direction with our first ever Cosplay Guides, with Gears of War 4 Cosplay Guides coming later this year.

Resource Drop 1: Beta Video Assets

For the upcoming Beta, we have a couple of resources for video creators to prep your channel for the Beta, including:

  • YouTubers: Beta Video Introduction An introduction video ‘sting’ for your channel, themed to Gears of War 4. This will include an editable name to personalize the video to you!
  • Streamers: Beta Overlays Theme your Gears 4 Beta Stream with overlays that look like they’re straight from the game! Designed at The Coalition, these overlays were made specifically for Gears of War 4 to obstruct the least amount of action, and ensure viewers can always see the most important parts of the UI. Includes customizable social network names and titles, an optional template for face-cams, and an optional space for a ticker feed.

These new items will be available for TCA YouTubers and Streamers in the coming days. We’ll have more to come over this year for all types of creators – stay tuned for announcements over the coming months and beyond!

Ready to sign up? We have a short questionnaire sign up form including verification to ensure you own the accounts you want to register. We care deeply about protecting our creators, and this step prevents fraudulent claims of ownership for our fans – we do not access any information beyond your account name during this process. You can sign up HERE.

Via: GearsOfWar.com

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