Epic sold Gears of War franchise to Microso...

May 02, 2016No Comments

In a chat with Polygon, Sweeney stated that the first Gears of War game, released in 2006, cost Epic $12 million to make, and it generated

The Coalition Army

Apr 13, 2016No Comments

Another great news just came from The Coalition. Other than supporting Gears of War through an official program, every creative, passionate gamer will be able

Gears Feedback Program – Help TC Make...

Apr 13, 20161 Comment

The Coalition is just giving the entire community a new way to improve the game we love. Here is the Feedback Program is announcement: The

EW interviewed Rod Fergusson about GOW4

Apr 10, 2016No Comments

EW spoke with Fergusson, who has worked on every Gears of Wartitle, about following up the epic trilogy, creating memorable new characters, and the series’ greater

New site online!

Jun 15, 2015No Comments

Gears of War Ultimate Edition available this summer, Gears of War 4 announced for 2016.. maybe this wasn’t enough for The Coalition guys, they have