Gears Of War Cosplay Guide

Feb 29, 2016No Comments

The long awaited news that a community needed to hear.. some official guidelines to build your Gears Of War cosplay costume! The news comes straight from

Gears of War VS. SuicideGirls

Feb 21, 2015No Comments

Even though gamers have come a long way to disassociate themselves from the white, skinny, pale, geeky boy image with thick glasses and spotted with

Gears of War Cosplayer Studio Visit

Apr 18, 2013No Comments

Some of our biggest fans traveled hours to celebrate the launch of Gears of War: Judgment with us on March 18th.  They brought with them

New York Toy Fair: Judgment Lancer Replica ...

Feb 20, 2013No Comments

NECA is just back from New York Toy Fair 2013 and they sent us a few pictures of the memorabilia they had from the Gears