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Fill it with colour

February 10, 2013

Have you ever seriously thought about getting a rainbow skin for your lancer? Maybe not, but many guys out there already had. This ridiculous gay-friendly skin might represent an impressive decision to the eyes of both your friends and enemies.. you will be soon forced to defend your choice against all those that think it wouldn’t be suitable for a real cruel battle.

Does these lancer worth it? Not sure, but if not your shooting skills it will certainly increase your dialectic in defending that absurdity continuously. You will also spread unconsciously a message through the battleground that tells about love beyond borders and a new era of lancer freedom. You will be pushed to free the stallion the little pony hidden in you while throwing a smoke grenade during the battle to get some privacy and have a quickie with your buddy.

However  even if you won’t find another candidate for a rainbow couple, let’s say the truth.. what a pleasure to chainsaw a locust back filling his ass with all those kaleidoscopic colours.. mmh..ahh.. uhh..

GOW3 Weapon Skins DLC Rainbow Lancer

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Anon Redmorning

Mad mad guy in a mad mad world. He will always put some strategy in every multiplayer scenario so that the entire group will be doomed to a slow suicide with a vision of a rainbow lancer as last memory. Anon Redmorning can play with only one hand rolling a joint with the other.


  1. redmorning81

    Probably the best skin ever ; )

  2. nkanter

    what an terrible vision to see my character with that “thing” confused for a lancer ahah

  3. Avatar

    it makes me dizzy

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