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Get Hyped for Hypefestation: Winter Brawl 9 – Gears of War 3 Community Tournament

February 20, 2015

This weekend marks the largest community-organized event ever executed in the history of Gears of War, live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Hypefestation: Winter Brawl 9. It is incredibly exciting to see how many community members have rallied around this event, both attending in-person and online.

Black Tusk Studio is proud to be sponsoring the event along with TwitchTV and others, and will be attending live for those fans making it out in-person. For those supporting online, our very own JackFelling will be moderating the stream all weekend with more giveaways than you can handle and to answer any questions.

Please use the related Gears of War official forum thread as the main medium for event discussion all weekend; any big plays, exciting match ups, or great moments be sure to discuss here. The tentative livestream schedule and all important information is below, for your knowledge:

Livestream Links: www.twitch.tv/hypefestation (Main Stream) and www.twitch.tv/xbox (Hosted)
Friday, February 20: 7pm – 11pm EST (12am – 4am GMT, 6pm – 10pm CST/Mexico)
2v2 Tournament
1v1 Tournament
Player Interviews

Saturday, February 21: 10am – 10pm EST (3pm – 3am GMT, 9am – 9pm CST/Mexico)
4v4 Main Event Begins

Sunday, February 22: 10am – 10pm EST (3pm – 3am GMT, 9am – 9pm CST/Mexico)
4v4 Main Event Final Rounds (Championship Sunday)

Giveaways: Check out our brand new community swag that will be given away in the livestream all weekend (as well as live/in-person)!
Tournament Information:

Brackets: http://challonge.com/HypeWB9
Teams: http://hypefestation.com/official-winterbrawl-teams/
Schedule: http://hypefestation.com/schedule/

Who do you have winning it all? What players are you most excited to watch perform? Discuss this and more throughout the weekend, and make sure to spread the word as much as possible to help support the Gears community!


After something like 16 hours of video streaming in this unforgettable event we have seen the last match between Notorious and ThrowdowN! @NotoriousGOW are the winner of the Hypefestation Winterbrawl 9! Compliments guys!


Via: Gears of War official forum

Event oficial page: hypefestation.com

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