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COG Anonymous Announce Sponsorship Deal With “The Devil’s Rejects”

January 28, 2016

COG Anonymous is officially announcing its support to “The Devil’s Rejects” Team!

Since the beginning this community has been a supporter of competitive gaming, through individual players or complete clans.The purpose of this recent sponsorships is about presenting to the competitive USA environment a team completely new to the professional scene.

The features of the agreement are built like a partnership (in the meaning that the community gives to the members uniforms, equipment and other products) and like a standard sponsorship as well (providing the money for entering the competitions and for refunds in case of LAN).

Let us learn more about Anonymous: The Devils’ Rejects.

We’re just random kids that met eachother through Gears of War and became fast friends. Where else do kids from Los Angeles meet people from Florida and New York and just decide to start up a clan? We play together everyday and talk about our days like the little family we are. We’re excited to be a part of COG Anonymous and can’s wait to show everyone what we can do. We might be far away from eachother but we play like we’re in the same room.

Team composition:

Obviously, it’s not enough for us to know them in a detached way either, so in the next weeks we are going to publish an interview to each member of the Team, so as to gain a deeper insight their personalities and specific skills.

COG Anonymous is definitely proud to have on board such amazing players and Gears Of War addicts! Congrats to them and good luck for the upcoming events!

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