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The Devil’s Rejects: Anon Demonic interviewed by COG Anonymous

February 23, 2016

When did you run into Gears Of War and why you liked it more than other games?

At gamestops midnight release on Nov.6,2007 will never forget that first gaming orgasm i received once the words Gears of war crossed my 32’inch TV (lol). I dont just like but LOVE Gears of War because there isnt any other game like it competitively. Gears is in it own category. A skill based game where everyone is on equal footing, There isnt attatchments nor purchasable content that will or may assist you to put work in online multiplayer even if you have no skills. If u want a power weapon as we call it you have to fight for it.

According to your gameplay style, what about your GT “Demonic”? More skills, more tactics or more rage?

“Demonic” is just self explanitory when you see my gameplay. It was the first word that popped in my head after viewing my gaming clips and receiving friendly verbal responses on my gameplay. Im proficient at what i do whether it be my skills or my tactics. I keep it balanced between the two as i play but will say that tactics come first followed by my skill to execute the plan. Rage is kept to a minimal, well i do my best too (lol) it can be positive or negative to your style as a gamer and teammate. Too much rage can mess with your gameplay as well as your teammates gameplay and moral. Gears alone can produce that rage, so i adapt that rage and turn it into “Aggression”, and that creates the agressive player i can be when needed.

In relation to the last question, which game mode do you like the most?

Competitively i like execution. For ranking up and for fun i like (KOTH)king of the hill. When im alone i like 2v2 gnasher. To warm up i like (TDM)Team Death Match, and i like also like private for my sniper battles. So honestly it varies depending on what i or the team wants to play or needs to do.


Please spend some thoughts on the last title of the franchise, Gears Of War Ultimate Edition.

Where should i begin….Gears Of War Ultimate Edition has me with mixed emotions. I have a love it or hate it feeling toward this game. I love the graphics, the updated maps, the movement(NO AIR BOUNCING) and the fact that they remastered Gears 1, which to me was the best gears created in its franchise. Now for the hate it shit!(LMFAO). This is the first gears that has two different gnasher spread shots, hip fire spread and aiming spread which fucks with the consistency of your gameplay. The servers are the best, sarcasticlly speaking it’s fun getting kicked for no reason, shooting boom or throwing granades at there feet and all u hear is a grunt and see the rear end of the enemy hauling ass after cheating death. Placing multiple shots in somebody and they turn around like the excorsist and send you to the after life is always an exciting feeling. Hey lets op(over powered) the pistol because its the right thing to do even if we know theres multiple gamers with trigger mods. OH and lets increase the accuracy of the sniper so “ANY” gamer good or bad can get these insane, impossible, and WTF headshots blind firing. Seems like more hate than love huh… but i still play and enjoy it because it is Gears Of War so i guess its true what they say “love is strong” lol.

You are a proud member of The Devil’s Reject, recently sponsored by COG Anonymous community. Tell us something about your experience with this team.

Well truthfully the founders(Banana/Princess/Demonic(me)/Sovah) came to know one another from a previous clan named “Sinister Clan” that either kicked us out or we chose to disband from them because of their constant drama and thus inspired us as one to come up with the name “The Devil’s Rejects”. Honestly its been a challenging experience seeing how where in different coast in the U.S. At times we voice our opinions to one another that can personally have us feeling types of ways, but where like a FAMILY as much as it may seem disfuntional we also show unity. The respect and acceptance that we are all individuals is wat makes this team the best. Therefore as that being said we are coming together situating are selves and practicing. Soon we’ll be a force to reckon with as a team and prove to those who doubted us and for the clans who gave up on us. Most importantly to ourselves for what we go thru in life thus is why we come to our gaming world to escape reality for a moment and enjoy being our alias.

What about being part of a larger community as COG Anonymous fully dedicated to Gears of War What you like and what you would like to see in future?

I really cant give a solid answer due to the fact that im fairly new to the COG Anonymous Community but i cant wait to experienced. I have been in a large community before and being part of one is great, but i will say being strictly Gears Of war brings a few questions like, “What happens if the gears franchise ends?, Is this awesome Gears community gonna disband?, and what if not are whe gonna convert to a different game?” etc. only the future holds the answer. So until then i will continue to rock out with my squad and hopefully in the near future experience gaming outside of my apartment and join my fellow gaming nerds in an enviorment we can only understand and enjoy.

Which Gears Of War game is your favorite and how you feel you belong to the Gears Family?

My favorite Gears Of War and will always be is Gears Of War 1 as you may of figured earlier. The reasoning is, it was and still is to me the most skillful Gears in its franchise. It created the competitive gamer i am today. I remember not being fortunate enough to afford a capture card, seeing gears pub and GB players videos on youtube saying to myself and family members, who lol brushed me offmultiple times because it dealt with gaming, that i do all that but even better. So I was so determined and dedicated to sharing my skills to the world that i actually strapped a hand held camcorder to my head as i went ham on Gears Of war. Regardless of the quality i use my dads desktop computer and movie maker to edit as much as i can and uploaded it to youtube. I consider myself to be a Veteran to this franchise since ive been with them from the very beginning from playing campaign searching for cog tags to multiplayers rody running,crab walkin,invisible sniping, chainsaw glitch, sky diving and my favorite KONG FU FLIP!! I can keep going but u get my drift on why I feel I belong, matter a fact i am part of the Gears Family and im here to stay. #GEARSFAM

What you see in your future with The Devil’s Rejects?

As of right now to focused on the present to see our future together, but if all continues to go well with the community and with our progression as a team i would like to see us getting high up on the competitive ladder and trips allowing all of us to be together having fun, laughing, gaming and living the life that brong us together. Enjoying one anothers company in our gaming world where noone can take it from us nor understand why we do this. The future of The Devil’s Rejects looks promising so we will continue to work hard and play hard.

Your last sentence?

Communication, Dedication, Tactics, and skills win games!! oh yeah I forgot and Connection lol.

Community founder. Suicide runner, blind sniper.

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