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Black Tusk & Hypefestation 4v4 Ladder and Online Tournament

March 6, 2015

Here we are with a new amazing official eventi! Follow the original post on Gears Of War forum:

We are excited to announce that Black Tusk Studios and Hypefestation will be hosting together a free 4v4 Ladder (Season) on GameBattles culminating in a 4v4 paid-entry online tournament entitled “Aftermath”. Please read all the rules carefully.

Hypefestation Rules and Game Settings will be enforced for both the ladder and tournament (not using historical GameBattles settings). Read the rules carefully hereon the Challonge page, and below.


Players will have the opportunity to sign up with teams of 4 (and 1 sub) and participate in a Gamebattles.com hosted short-timeframe season. The results of this ladder will determine the participants as well as the seeding of the tournament. Players should also register with Black Tusk (link to be provided here) after registering with GameBattles.com.

All teams of all skill level from all regions are welcome to register for the ladder!

Important Dates
Friday, March 6th at midnight EST – Registration for Gamebattles.com Black Tusk Hypefestation Ladder Opens
Monday, March 9th @ 12:00am EST – Ladder / Season Begins
Monday, March 16th @ 11:59pm EST – PLAYER ROSTER LOCK **Teams will be locked for the remainder of the ladder AS WELL AS THE TOURNAMENT. Teams cannot be changed — you must play short of a player or remove yourself from the ladder/tournament. So please make sure your teammates are available for all dates of the ladder and tournament before registering. Teams may specify one sub to Black Tusk during the registration. Subs are also locked at the roster lock date.**
Saturday, March 28th @ 11:59pm EST – Ladder / Season Ends

New Map for Cycle
Over the course of the ladder, Black Tusk and Hypefestation will be introducing an EXISTING Gears 3/DLC map into the competitive cycle for testing. Player feedback will be solicited via online survey run by Black Tusk (part of the registration of the original ladder). At least one new map WILL be added to the last week of the ladder as well as the online tournament. The goal of this is to keep things fresh and interesting for viewers and sponsors so we can continue to run these tournaments in the future. Surveys will be sent in English so players must be able to understand English and provide feedback in English.

The top 32 teams from the ladder will have the opportunity to be seeded and entered into the tournament.


This 4v4 online tournament will be hosted by Hypefestation and sponsored by Black Tusk Studios.
Rules and Challonge here: http://challonge.com/HypeAftermath

Tournament Eligibility and Registration
– The registration fee for the tournament is $40 USD per team ($10 per player)
– Hypefestation will contact the top 32 teams from the ladder after the ladder / season has completed to provide a tournament registration link
– The top 32 ladder teams will have the opportunity to purchase the $40 USD team pass within 24 hours of the season ending to participate in the tournament
– After 24 hours, if a team decides not to purchase a pass to participate they forfeit their tournament spot and Hypefestation will continue to contact teams in order (from top to bottom) starting with the 33rd ranked team onward with the opportunity to register.
– The top 32 paid teams will be seeded (from the ladder season rankings) into the tournament
– Teams must participate with the same players from the time of the ladder roster lock date

– The total estimated prize pool for this online tournament is $3000 USD value sponsored by Black Tusk Studios
– Includes a $2000 USD cash prize (top 4 teams eligible) and 4 EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION Black Tusk Gears of War Astro A40 Xbox 360 Headsets plus Mixamp Pro with custom speaker tags (approx $250 x 4 for approximate $1000 USD value) for the winning team of the tournament.
– Swag and Gears code giveaways will take place in the live streams for the tournament sponsored by Black Tusk Studios

– 4v4 tournament (teams of 4 players plus one sub, team players set at ladder season roster lock)
– Double-elimination
– Hypefestation game settings, character restrictions, and map cycle plus one new map to be determined from the ladder

Important Dates
– Ladder season dates are listed above including registration and player lock
– Wednesday, April 1 at 10:00 PM EST – Round 1 Matches (all players)
– Thursday, April 2 at 10:00 PM EST – Round 2 Matches (Winner’s Bracket) plus Round 1 Matches (Loser’s Bracket)
– Saturday, April 4 at 12:00 PM (noon) EST – Rest of the Tournament including Semi-Finals and Finals Main Event

Live streams will be broadcast from http://www.twitch.tv/hypefestation and http://www.twitch.tv/blacktuskstudios/


– All players are strongly encouraged to register with Black Tusk Studios and Hypefestation their gamertag and e-mail address in addition to signing up for the ladder / season. This email address will be used to contact players regarding the ladder, tournament, and for map feedback or surveys by Black Tusk and/or Hypefestation.
– Players may also be contacted using these email addresses for special “team features” during the season/tournament and other Black Tusk related opportunities.
– Players must be willing to have their ladder matches or tournament matches streamed by Black Tusk Studios or Hypefestation upon request
– Flooding will NOT be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Any players or teams caught flooding will be immediately disqualified from the ladder and tournament as well as ANY future Black Tusk events or tournaments in the future. Any players or teams caught flooding will also be BANNED from all future Black Tusk games.
– Black Tusk Studios and Hypefestation reserve the right to remove or disqualify teams or players at any time for any reason
– Black Tusk Studios and Hypefestation reserve the right to change the rules or regulations at any time for any reason

Thank you everyone for reading and we are excited to be a part of this ladder season and proud to be sponsoring Hypefestation to support competitive Gears of War.

Here’s a shot of the Limited Edition Astro A40 with Mixamp Pro (Community Only!) Headsets for the Top Team prize!

Via: GearsOfWar official forum

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