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Myrrah the bitch queen

February 17, 2013

Tell the truth, you would have wanted to stick something else in the lower abdomen of the queen just before the long blade of Marcus knife. Even if this is a relevant aspect concerning the Queen figure, the main one remains however her uncertain origins.

How is possible that the locust queen looks like a gorgeous human MILF? No peace in wondering what it has happened beneath the ground.. now the bitch is dead so we are condemned probably to never know the entire story.. we could only find consolation if they will release a vintage adult movie starring Myrrah in a huge interracial gangbang with an entire wave of locusts.

8 possible but mostly not probable explanations as to why Gears of War’s Locust Queen looks human

Spoiler! Gears of War 3 – The Fate of Queen Myrrah

Gearspedia Myrrah

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Anon WalkdPsyko

Somehow living in his glorious memories, he always complains himself about the lost of his incredible skill and capabilities of a time. Chainsaw and 2pieces master, while he might be easy to shoot at, it's higly suggested not to stay too close to him.

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