No ‘Marcus Fenix” collection sa...

Mar 21, 2015No Comments

A Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection isn’t on the cards, according to Black Tusk’s studio manager. Rod Ferguson, who’s working at the developer in

Killer Deals on Gears of War Content!

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Prices are being slashed on Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 content! Now is your chance to grab the Season Pass, Raams

Gears of War iPhone ringtone

Feb 19, 2013No Comments

That asshole of your co-worker, a tax collector, one annoying bitch or someone else.. if your iPhone has just to ring you might relieve the pain

Myrrah the bitch queen

Feb 17, 2013No Comments

Tell the truth, you would have wanted to stick something else in the lower abdomen of the queen just before the long blade of Marcus

Epic 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack

Feb 13, 2013No Comments

Epic Games is 20 years old!  To celebrate they give away 20 of the best Epic tracks from our games over the years.  They have hand